Vallejo Auction Barn

    Consignment rates are as follows: $0 - $25.00 will be a $5.00 flat fee $26 - $500 will be a rate of 20% $501 – up will be a rate of 10% CONSIGNOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS Vallejo Auction Barn reserves the right to refuse consignment items. Items that are known to not be in working condition by consignor will need to be disclosed with a label provided by the auction barn. "GARAGE SALE" type items will NOT be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU BRING IN AN ITEM AND IT SELLS FOR LESS THAN $5 DOLLARS YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE DIFFERENCE. Please only bring in quality items that you know will be beneficial to you. ANY EQUIPMENT, TRAILERS, OR AUTOMOBILES THAT HAVE A TITLE OR REGISTRATION RECEIPT MUST BE CONSIGNED IN THE OWNERS NAME. A TITLE PROCESSING FEE OF $25 WILL APPLY TO ALL ITEMS THAT ARE TO BE CONSIGNED AND WILL BE CHARGED TO THE CONSIGNOR. ANY EQUIPMENT, TRACTORS, WAGONS AND LARGE CONSIGNMENT ITEMS THAT DO NOT SELL DUE TO RESERVE BY CONSIGNOR WILL STILL BE CHARGED A $25 TITLE PROCESSING FEE. An identification card such as a drivers license or state issued ID will be required for consignment or receiving a bidder card Payment will be made to the consignor within 10 days from the date of sale.